1. CarPC build part 2: hardware, still

    Sun 02 June 2013

    This is the second part of building a RaspberryPi powered CarPC. I ended previous entry with seemingly nice photos of home etched PCB of hardware revision 1. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and I had to derail this project a bit.

    After careful inspection of rev 1 PCB ...

  2. CarPC build part 1: hardware

    Sat 29 December 2012

    This is the first part of building a RaspberryPi powered carpc.

    Over a course of few months (been busy with, eh, life) I've designed the first iteration of custom Atmega-based circuit which lets me interface with car's electronics.

    The main part of schematics (pdf)

    Main schematics

    Second page with power ...

  3. RaspberryPi powered car-pc

    Fri 28 December 2012


    Some time ago, I got myself a Raspberry Pi. Initially it was supposed to replace my home-theater PC but I found it's too slow. So, I had a problem- what to do with such a nitty device of Pi.

    This was not the only problem I had- my ...