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A (somewhat) chronological list of various stuff I've been doing over the years and I'm (somewhat) proud of.

Volvo MELBUS emulator (2014 - )

An emulator for Volvo's head units, to give it aux in capabilities. Hardware design based on Atmega328p.

Links: wiki, repository browser

DLP based 3D printer (2014 - )

An ongoing quest for a better 3D printer. First iteration of both software and mechanical side of things. Has printed first parts already.

DLP printer

Links: G+ album

Software for a prototype 360° image capture system (2014)

Software for Linux-based SBC, controlling DSLR (entering required settings, triggering shutter, feedback about battery etc) and controlling digital-communication servo motors.

RepRap2X (2014)

I've built a few RepRap 3D printers in the last few years (original Mendel, two Mendel90) and I wanted a larger, more rugged printer, which Just Prints.

Mechanical design in CAD (SW), mechanical re-design (hehe), assembly, wiring, configuration. Auto bed-leveling calibration (still somewhat in progress).

Links: G+ album

Automation of HVAC system (2014)

Industrial automation project for a woodworking company- automation of their newly installed HVAC system (managing temperature and humidity, balancing a positive air pressure in select rooms). Siemens S7-1200 + Siemens HMI. Custom web interface for management.

HVAC box

Eggbot (2014)

Just a for-fun project for Easter 2014- a device which draws Egg decorations.

3D printed parts courtesy of Glasswalker, custom electronics design based on Arduino Mini Pro.


Links: G+ album

Desktop CNC engraver (2013)

Wanted a mill, got an engraver. Designed in CAD, inspired by designs on internet. Now has gotten a proper spindle and is even usable for light machining work: Dibond, plastics, PCBs.

CNC router

Links: G+ album, wot.lv

Postal package tracker (2013)

A web-based tool to notify me when my stuff arrives in local post office. Written using Django, scrapes pasts.lv for the data on packages.

Postal tracker software screenshot

Links: source code on GitHub, hosted version of the tool

RaspberryPi based car navigation retrofit (2012 - 2013)

Retrofit of Volvo's (~1998-2005MY) stock navigation unit with RaspberryPi, running navit. Interface with car's CAN-Bus network to pass button presses on steering wheel to RPi.

Electronics design, firmware on AVR microcontroller, configuration and UART-to-HID driver on RPi.

RPi carpc

Links: HackADay, source code on GitHub, wot.lv, G+ album

Website to make photos of lost places accessible - zudusilatvija.lv (2011)

A website which displays photos from the archives of Latvian National Library. Subcontracted work for Latvian National Library. My role was developing backend + frontend software.

A screenshot of zudusilatvija.lv

Links: zudusilatvija.lv

CNC plasma cutter - software and motion control (2010)

Dad built a CNC plasma cutter, I brought it to life- simple as that. Upgraded to custom-built torch height controller in 2014.

CNC plasma cutter

Web-app company - groupscript.net (2010 - 2014)

Co-founded a company which sold PHP e-commerce software mostly authored by me.

My role could be described as lead-developer who also got to manage a team of 5 other developers.

Experience gained: immense knowledge of web payment systems, how to write PHP software to be hosted on myriad of web-servers out there and how not to write an e-commerce software.

Got to build in-house tools for order processing, release packaging etc.