1. Using pcb2gcode with Marlin/grbl firmwares

    Wed 14 August 2013

    Recently, I wrote about building a small CNC machine. I started to modify pcb2gcode, so that it is usable with Marlin/grbl type of CNC controllers (which, admittedly, support only a basic subset of proper G-code commands).

    Mainly, my issues were:

    • Marlin did not support imperial units.
    • Marlin did not ...
  2. Homemade desktop CNC router

    Tue 30 July 2013

    Homemade desktop CNC router

    During the last few months I have slowly been building a desktop CNC router. It is loosely based on Pleasant Mill by Zaggo, which in turn is loosely based on famous Mantis mill.

    I changed some parts of Zaggo's design to my liking:

    • I wanted an enclosed work area ...
  3. Scanning laser projector

    Wed 15 May 2013

    Preface (or, Why?)

    In the meantime while I gather enough courage/dedication to finish the projects I have started (e.g. master's degree, carpc build), I wanted to share what else I have been working on.

    It all started with an idea about SLS 3d printer, using light-curing resin ...

  4. Compiling code for Stellaris Launchpad with TivaWare

    Sun 14 April 2013

    So, half a year has passed by since I received Stellaris Launchpad kits from Texas Instruments. I just could not resist the temptation to get two of them for $5 each and I might just have found an application for them. Okay, let's write some code.

    Wait, I have ...

  5. Meta-post

    Wed 02 January 2013

    This is a post which briefly describes why I have moved on from Drupal to managing my static file with the help of pelican.

    • Since I'm writing so rarely, it didn't make sense for me to often go through the pain of upgrading Drupal and all it's ...

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