1. Upping STM32 debugging

    C  24 decembris 2015

    Lately a major part of my day job has been writing software running on STM32 microcontroller. Up until this point my only debugging tools were limited to:

    1. printf-littering code and looking at output in serial console;
    2. Stepping through code with debugger (gdb together with OpenOCD or stlink);

    Both of the ...

  2. Using Dynamixel's RoboPlus without USB2Dynamixel

    Pk 07 novembris 2014

    Recently I needed to debug Dynamixel's MX-12W smart servo motor which didn't work in multi-turn mode.

    Having exhausted all other options (reading datasheet carefully, probing data line to verify that MCU sends what I think it should send), I decided to try moving the motor using Dynamixel's ...

  3. My take on a custom laptop

    O  19 augusts 2014

    Overview of custom laptop

    Inspired by bunnie's Novena, I decided to build my own customized laptop with focus on experimentation with hardware.

    My main motivation for this project was that I got tired of lugging around devboards, USB UART bridges half-assembled projects. Also, I'm usually a bit concerned about my soldering skills ...

  4. TV-OUT on Olimex's A10-LIME

    O  01 aprīlis 2014

    I got my hands on Olimex's new A10-OLinuXino-LIME as a potential replacement for RaspberryPi which I fried by accident. One specific requirement I had was a composite TV output (PAL/NTSC). It is not mentioned anywhere in product briefs by Olimex, but this SBC does have an analog video ...

  5. Combating endstop noise on a RepRap

    C  06 marts 2014

    While assembling my new toy - a larger, RepRap-based 3D printer, I experienced strong noise on endstop inputs.

    Endstops on my machine are pure mechanical switches, and the wires to endstops are in the same cable where wires to stepper motor are (unshielded, of course).

    I wasn't surprised to see ...

  6. Using pcb2gcode with Marlin/grbl firmwares

    T  14 augusts 2013

    Recently, I wrote about building a small CNC machine. I started to modify pcb2gcode, so that it is usable with Marlin/grbl type of CNC controllers (which, admittedly, support only a basic subset of proper G-code commands).

    Mainly, my issues were:

    • Marlin did not support imperial units.
    • Marlin did not ...
  7. Homemade desktop CNC router

    O  30 jūlijs 2013

    Homemade desktop CNC router

    During the last few months I have slowly been building a desktop CNC router. It is loosely based on Pleasant Mill by Zaggo, which in turn is loosely based on famous Mantis mill.

    I changed some parts of Zaggo's design to my liking:

    • I wanted an enclosed work area ...
  8. CarPC build part 2: hardware, still

    Sv 02 jūnijs 2013

    This is the second part of building a RaspberryPi powered CarPC. I ended previous entry with seemingly nice photos of home etched PCB of hardware revision 1. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and I had to derail this project a bit.

    After careful inspection of rev 1 PCB ...

  9. Scanning laser projector

    T  15 maijs 2013

    Preface (or, Why?)

    In the meantime while I gather enough courage/dedication to finish the projects I have started (e.g. master's degree, carpc build), I wanted to share what else I have been working on.

    It all started with an idea about SLS 3d printer, using light-curing resin ...

  10. Compiling code for Stellaris Launchpad with TivaWare

    Sv 14 aprīlis 2013

    So, half a year has passed by since I received Stellaris Launchpad kits from Texas Instruments. I just could not resist the temptation to get two of them for $5 each and I might just have found an application for them. Okay, let's write some code.

    Wait, I have ...

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